HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Win Win P. Alvar | Earl L. Corias | Jose Paulo Miguel A. Santos | Exander T. Barrios



Information dissemination about solid waste management has always been a challenge to the government of Davao City. Since one of the primary sources of information nowadays is the updates from social networking sites, an Android based City Ordinance Library with SocialNetworking-Based administration was developed to help disseminate the information of Solid Waste Management from a source, and can be viewed using an Android based phone. The purpose of designing and creating the application is to enhance the dissemination of information with social networking sites on Android phones. This study is intended to help the government disseminate information in real time and in a way that is more convenient. The general objective of this study is to develop a mobile application that can provide information to people about city ordinances in Davao City using Android phones. The researchers used the constructive research method. With the aid of different technologies such as Eclipse Android development tool (ADT) bundle as the IDE, and an Android Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing Androidbased applications. After the evaluation of the application, several recommendations from the respondents were gathered.