HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Sheila Mae R. Caballero | Nikka Jane T. Maglines | Mariel L. Parreño | Ceasar Ian P. Benablo



During the past decades, software systems have grown significantly in size and complexity. One of the most used programming languages today is PHP and to be able to manipulate the source code, an IDE is required. The PHPWizard: PHP IDE Syntax Highlighter Desktop Application aims to provide helpful information of PHP functions for PHP programmers in the convenience of their desktop even without internet connection. The research aims to know how effective the system can help PHP programmers in making their coding experience more convenient in a PHP IDE. The researchers used constructive research method and rapid application development model in the development of the research. The results of the study were that the application effectively helped the PHP programmers experience coding in an IDE more comprehensively through the significant results the application showed and in other word processing applications and even in a web site. The researchers concludes that the proposed system is useful will greatly help PHP programmers especially newbies.