HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Bryan Blaire D. Ormido | Rod Tyrone C. Molinos | Shenna Rhea A. Maranguit



Nowadays, there are lots of people who are prone to diseases. Bacteria and viruses are fast spreading in different parts of the globe. There were many reasons in why there were so many unhealthy people in the community, one was they don’t care about their eating habits, they just eat and eat that’s why they suffer from obesity and overweight that had led them to acquire some diseases and illnesses, second is that they do not prefer to do simple workouts like walking but instead ride a vehicle, a simple and easy way to burn fat in the body, and the third is that most people do not have a dietary plan of what are the proper and healthy foods to eat every single day. It is important that people must practice healthy lifestyle to keep them away from diseases and illnesses. Though the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices are well-established among the general population, less is known about how developing and adhering to healthy lifestyle habits benefits obese versus normal weight or overweight individuals. The purpose of this study is to determine the association between healthy lifestyle habits, eating fruits and vegetables daily, exercising regularly, consuming alcohol in moderation, and not smoking and mortality in a large population-based sample stratified by body mass index (BMI). An experimental research approach was employed in the study and guided with the 4D Methodology the application was successfully developed.