HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


John Carlo M. Bustria | Ephraim H. Franco | Floracris D. Montorio | Diana N. Sumalinog | Nikko Isadore R. Tinio



Nowadays, technology is viral and certain codes programmed in a technical device will likely perform specific tasks that are allocated by the maker, and this aspect, which carried all throughout since the debut of computer programming in businesses, have grown to several varying fields and means. Nevertheless, although technology may have some drawbacks to consider towards directing our society, like an increasing dependency on one’s role or performance from machines for example, but it too had never failed its basic forms of accomplishment, and that is to reduce workload and increase productivity. Consequently, the researchers had come up with an idea of making an application, which applies the same principles, yet intangible to begin with, because it is a software application that can be collaborated to some particular machines apt for this program to function. To specify, an application for a barcode to find their class schedules, as well as providing certain information in the future. For example, a student who wants to map out class location and its schedule can definitely use this system by exposing the barcode found on the identification card to the scanner, and eventually details regarding the class and outlined location images will be presented on the screen, thus one could immediately know these crucial information, and ensure precision to some extent of activities. Moreover, unlike barcode scanners that are found in supermarkets, it will have the ability to detect authentic students, as well as teachers, besides from relaying messages to users. However, this application is interdependent on some equipment to benefit its operation as a whole, namely a computer, I.D. card and the Barcode scanner itself. and, in addition, the Internet with a network connection is strongly required for the reason that it will harmoniously perform tasks from other needed services. In general, this application will more likely revolutionize the mere use of one identification card into a key for several functions such as checking legitimate clients, know informational details, and aid uncertainties. Therefore, using this application in businesses and other establishments, like schools and offices is not far from becoming a reality, and with regards to technical advancement, it’s never to decrease human creativity and work performance, but to provide more manageable time of doing other activities with much higher necessities.