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HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Nonie Van F. Nadera | Romeo A. Petiza | Donna Mae Q. Tabuno | John Larry Limbo



Threats on computer network and security are present but only few people are aware of this. With this, people may have exposed themselves into these threats without even knowing it. As a result, several incidents relating to fraud have been experienced. Davao Cyber Security Survey Portal is a study that aims to develop a tool for raising awareness on these threats. The objective of creating this portal is to provide information to the users about the different attacks on computer network and security. One key component of the study is to determine the awareness of students. Out of 622 students, 244 were chosen to be part of the survey. Through answering the survey questionnaires, respondents’ level of awareness have been determined. With the portal’s graphical representation, user may view the result of the survey and may distinguish what attacks are well known and what attacks are not. The portal also provides pertinent information about the different attacks. For security purposes, the portal does not allow users in editing the displayed information. The researchers were guided by the Waterfall process model in the development of the application.