HomeCLOUDvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Kris Gauin A. Cablayan | Floyd Mark B. Manon-og | Rommel Nephi B. Miranda | Eric John G. Emberda



Internet, being a powerful tool, allows various processes to be done online and information to be acquired. As such, Internet are often being made available in establishments for people’s utilization. One option in making Internet available is through inplacing WiFi or a wireless local area network. WiFi technology allows devices to get connected for better resource sharing. However, as the number of connected users increase, the slower the Internet becomes as the bandwidth is divided. Hence, passwords are used to limit the accessibility of the network. The problem occurs when there is an unauthorized sharing of password. The purpose of this study is to develop a dynamic/static password generator using Android phone. This will help owners of WiFi devices better manage the number of connected users. In the course of the study, the researchers followed Experimental Research method. For the development, the researchers used Incremental Process model. The researchers conducted a testing to 5 users. With the results, the researchers were able to conclude that the application has helped users in dynamically or statically changing of WiFi passwords. It is to be noted however that the application would become more useful if it can support more router brands.