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Edeson John M. Cabanes | Jeffrey J. Comilang | John Marco M. Pitlo



Games have somehow become a form of leisure or sometimes it has become an entertainment to people. Several studies have shown that teaching students through games can be an effective learning tool. The researchers then thought of creating an educational game for elementary students to know if this could enhance their knowledge and analytical thinking skills, and help them increase their knowledge about the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife as only few only knew about this. The general objective of this research is to create a story-based educational game that is based on the Philippine Tarsier Wildlife and to use video games for educational purposes. Specifically, this research would want to know if an educational game can be an effective tool for increasing a user’s knowledge. The researchers had used Flash Action Scripts 2.0 language to develop the game, guided by the Waterfall approach as the software development method. With the use of a researcher made survey questionnaire, researchers were able to conclude that most of the students had learned something more about the life of the Philippine Tarsier through an educational game.