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Melchisedec Jethro L. Colinares | Marvic Lean F. Tonatos | John Marco M. Pitlo



Nowadays, Computer games have transformed the human society into another league. It becomes a major factor in today’s entertainment field. English has been the universal language of most of the game application played by the majority, this influences the children to use it in their daily living. Filipinos are aware that English is more used than the native language especially in schools. However, there are many alternative solutions for that, teaching and learning will be easier if the students are having fun on what they are doing. The researchers are then motivated to develop a computer game which can help to preserve and familiarized the native language. ISKRAMBOL is a Filipino inspired Scrabble game. It is a word game by forming words from individual lettered tiles on a gameboard marked with a 15-by-15 grid. An Exploratory research approach was employed by the researchers and was guided by the Iterative software process model for the actual development of the game. The result of the evaluation of the application shows that educational games are indeed effective in improving or enhancing the vocabulary skills of the individuals.