HomeCLOUDvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)


Czar Ian Abellana | Nikko Bonifacio | Jing Jesau Javilles | Ma. Kristina Rae Manuel | Jose Ronnie Tabudlong | Eric John G. Emberda



Technology is broadening its scope ever so often that even people’s pockets are full of it. Mobile phone is one of the modern technologies that somehow have become a necessity rather than just a plain luxury. With this, the researchers were encouraged to conduct a study that looked into developing a tool for emergency situations. Using mobile devices which most people have and guided by the Rational Unified Process model, the researchers developed an Android application which allows users to press a button when in emergency situation and needs for help. The application is capable of sending the user’s current location through the use of GPS to all the enlisted emergency contact. Other features include an offline map for pointing the coordinates provided by the phone’s GPS so internet access is not necessary, a reply option for the receivers to send their location to the user, and a settings tab for user modifications. At the end of the study, the application was tested for its functionality. The results of the test demonstrated that the application was indeed able to send the current location of the user. As such, it can definitely be used in emergency situations.