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HomeCLOUDvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)


Ismael Banuno | Jesher D’Lonsod | Ellen May Ortiz | Charles Anthony Soho | Melecio Torralba | Kristine Mae Adlaon



Cigarette smokers have increased dramatically in Davao City over the past several years. The Government is aware of the rising rate of smokers so the new Anti-Smoking Ordinance in Davao City was made to minimize the problem. The study aimed to determine the areas in Davao City where smoke belchers usually smoke using GIS and Android application. The researchers gathered data from public document for relevant reports in the Department of Health and in the Davao City Police Office. Through using the system, the researchers were able to pinpoint and mark the area in the map after sending in the online server. The researchers successfully developed an android mobile application, develop a web application with mapping system, automatically generate statistical counts of cigarette smoking incidents and were able to locate the areas in Davao City with a high rate of smokers. In conclusion, the applications were able to help the citizen’s awareness about the Ordinance No. 0367-12, Series of 2012, known as The New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance, in knowing the cause and effects of smoking and places in the city where there are many smokers through the use of the android application and through the Web Application the target user (DCPO) were able to receive smoking incidents and map it out.