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Jan Robert Chua | Lady Red Ivanna Drueco | Loreto Miguel Paragoso | Shanice Hanna Lea Prochina | John Marco M. Pitlo



The development of mobile applications for various purpose has been proven to have increased over the years. With the increasing population of mobile device users, mobile application development has become one of the trends. Among the different applications being developed are games – targeting not only the young people but almost all ages, both genders factored in. The researchers took this as an inspiration and came up with the idea of developing a game to promote and the famous mathematical game Damath. During the development, the researcher used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 for the character design and sprite sheet, Corona SDK for the simulation of the game and Lua for the programming language, and TexturePacker for code generator for sprite sheet. After the development, the application was tested and the test has shown positive results. The researchers of this study concluded that the game D’Math helps pupils gain interest on the game and has helped teachers as an effective teaching tool.