HomeCLOUDvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)


Karla Librero | Brydel Mae Macatabog | Zabdiel Salahid | Allen Gae Salutillo | Shenna Rhea A. Maranguit



Some of the problems encountered by private vehicle owners and commuters in Davao City are lack of information on current traffic and road situations, and traffic congestion. This study aimed to develop an application that can provide motorist the necessary information on roadblocks such as closed roads, roads under construction, vehicle accidents, floods, and special events, and traffic weights on the major roads of the city. The researchers, throughout the development of the application, followed the Scrum Development Process Model for the methodology since it is a flexible product development strategy. This application consists of a web component to be used and updated by an administrator, and a mobile application component to be used by private vehicle owners and commuters. User acceptance tests were performed confirming that the project works as it was intended to. This application is believed to be beneficial to the Traffic Management Center (TMC) of Davao City in terms of information dissemination of current road advisories, and to the people visiting or living in the city as it would enable them to avoid paths that may have heavy traffic or other road blocks; thus improving their overall travel experience.