HomeCLOUDvol. 3 no. 1 (2015)


Tommy Abadilla | Nico Dedicatoria | Aldem John Plana | Riza Mae Sinangote | Nikko Paolo Gumia



Devices nowadays are much of a help to mankind and makes life for them easier. Some of which was made specifically to entertain and educate each individual. These innovations have been used to various areas including transportation. Travelling through a bus has its different kind of approach. Not all bus companies have their own fixed schedule of departure time. Some would wait for passengers to fill in the seats as many as possible before leaving the terminal while some would pick up passengers along the way. While the approach varies, all share one commonality – that is to provide people the best service possible. Seeing some opportunities, the researchers conducted this study to improve how bus companies offer services to clients. The researchers developed a bus reservation and tracking system as an alternative tool to the manual purchasing of tickets and to address the difficulty of determining the current location of buses on travel. Guided by both the chosen research method and the software process model, the researchers conducted interviews among the people from a selected bus company to understand the different processes within the company. The application was made online for the reason that Internet has become widespread, thus, access would not be a difficulty.