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Darren Joseph Bayona | Earl Sayson | Lyle Uy | John Marco M. Pitlo



In the world of the advertising industry, we receive information through various means be it, banners, signage, television, radio or any other printed & digital media. It is a common and widespread practice for various establishments or businesses to gain an economic edge over others. Over time, innovations in technology, such as games, have come to make an impact to the advertising industry, most especially tourism, and has proven to be a major catalyst in gaining the attention of the public eye. This is true particularly in Davao City. The researchers took it upon themselves to conduct a study whereupon recognition of said important factors in advertising and the need to boost Davao City’s tourism by developing an application that will feature Davao’s finest tourist spots -- a 3D promotional game featuring some of the beautiful tourist spots in the city. Adapting the concept of endless running, the researcher envisioned bringing forth a game that will definitely bring advertising into a different level. The researchers implemented the game with graphics and character design using Unity 3D and Blender, and developed it as a desktop application. Apart from providing entertainment, users will also be educated with regards to the best tourist spots Davao has to offer.