HomeARETEvol. 2 no. 1 (2014)


Denise Pacres | Bonna Mae Mopada | Elyza Mae Uy | Liezl A. Loguinsa



The number of adolescent suicide is increasing due to family problem. The concept of suicide varies from one person to another. Some people claim that conflicts caused suicide. Others blame stress, confusion, depression, and substance abuse. Often, many people do not seriously consider a suicide threat, but there are more adolescents who contemplated or attempted to commit suicide, but were unsuccessful. The study describes and understands the experiences and coping mechanism of adolescents who unsuccessfully committed suicide. A validated researcher-made questions were used in the study. Purposive sampling was used, wherein only those who committed suicide but failed because if they succeeded then they would have lost their lives already, were considered as participants. Moreover, a snowball sampling was used in order to locate other individuals who fit the criteria. There were six participants in the study. The participants were asked first to give their consent for the conduct of the study and they were given enough time for them to express and tell their story. They have different experiences that brought them the point of committing suicide. Some of the common problems that lead them to commit suicide was about their love problem. Some mentioned about their family problems and financial problems.