HomePULSARvol. 3 no. 1 (2014)

Environmental engineering, Republic Act 9003, liquid waste disposal provision, knowledge, awareness, compliance, descriptive, correlation, Philippines

Kenler S. Alonsagay | Terence Jay M. Resada | Hanah Jane R. Rosel | Cromwell M. Castillo



This study aimed to develop a system that will be installed at the Audio Visual Room of the University of Immaculate Conception Annex campus. The system featured barcode scanners which identifies a student’s authenticity, sending of SMS, two pesos extra load to the instructor, dean and AVR-in-charge, online booking, and identification of the projector and its accessories via RFID. Once the equipment is not returned properly, an SMS will be sent to the AVR-in-charge. This study employed a two-phase method: experimental development and descriptive method. The findings of the study revealed that the features enumerated above were strongly agreed by the evaluators. It satisfied, attained its purpose and specifications, and worked properly. The system was tested based on the amount of scheduled booking it can process in an hour and the time it takes to book the equipment. The result showed that automated projector borrowing system is more efficient and more convenient than the traditional booking system.