HomePULSARvol. 3 no. 1 (2014)


Geraldine P. Apilan | BJ Bentley D. Cabaluna | Ryan B. Espinoza | Emmanuel C. Fernandez Jr. | Melvin John H. Banzuelo



This study aimed to design and develop a Digital Scoreboard using Wireless Communication. A console allows the user to control the score by pressing the necessary button. It automatically displays the score and time on the main board and shot clocks which is composed of big seven segments comprised of LEDs. Each system has RF transceiver as the main component of this design that functions wirelessly. It is a small electronic circuit used to transmit and receive radio signals on one of carrier frequencies. However, increasing the receiver sensitivity will also increase the effective communication range, but will also potentially cause malfunction due to interference with other RF devices. The functionality of its features was evaluated using the descriptive approach for almost 5 days by 30, respondents which were comprised of 13 students, 2 engineers, 5 faculties, 2 referees, 5 varsities, and 2 administration personnel. The design project employed quantitative research method to generate the necessary data. The data collected were analyzed and interpreted to show how the project performed. The researchers concluded that the device was operative in executing its task. However, certain features still need to be considered in improving this device for it to reach its maximum potential.