HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 13 no. 1 (2015)

Employability of Business Administration Graduates in a University

Mary Ann G. Salazar | Julieta A. Fabio | Teodorico A. Bastida, Jr. | Olga R. Gallardo | Charito Bonghanoy



Employability of graduates is one of the good barometers of successful academic curricula offered by the schools. The employers of business administration graduates must give credence to the efficiency or performance of their prospective employees. The study determined the employability of the graduates of Business Administration of a University in the Philippines. The findings served as the basis for proposed recommendations. The respondents of the study were the 215 graduates of the Business Administration of the biggest university in the Philippines. The researchers utilized descriptive research design. The research tool used in the study was the standard questionnaire adopted by the Commission on Higher Education and interpreted using simple percentage and rank. The study revealed that most of the respondents were locally employed, and salaries and benefits are the majority of the respondents answered in reasons for staying the first job. The study concluded that those who found employment landed on jobs in line with their course in the University. It is recommended that more training and experiential learning activities had to be enhanced.