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Attitudes and Perceptions of Baliuag University Students Toward Internationalization Amidst ASEAN Integration

Ma. Niña I. Adriano | Myra P. Gonzales



A number of research studies have established that there is a relationship between perception and preparedness, as well as preparedness and attitude. These studies have also indicated that attitude and perception are linked to preparedness. However, the context in which these studies were conducted were on career and student preparation, teachers’ attitude and teachers’ preparation, and risk perception and disaster preparedness. The present study examines the relationship of three variables in the context of students’ attitude and perception of internationalization, the benefits they obtain from it, and the support given to internationalization by higher education institutions (HEI). Using a survey questionnaire, the study revealed that BU students have a positive perception of internationalization, HEI’s support to internationalization, and the benefits of internationalization. This positive perception could be attributed to their awareness of international opportunities provided to them such as international travel grants and international practicum.