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A Tracer Study of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Graduates of Baliuag University From 2013 to 2015

Rolando R. Calma



This study determined the employability of the graduates of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration of Baliuag University from 2013 to 2015. Out of 641 graduates from the different areas of specialization (Financial Management, Human Resource Development Management, Management Accounting, Marketing Management, and Operations Management), 279 (43.53%) were used as respondents. The study found that within a year after graduation, 92.48% of the respondents were hired regardless of their fields of specialization. Most of the graduates are now working in Bulacan and Manila areas. The study also identified the job placement profile of the graduates and evaluated the extent of use of various skills in their present job. Findings of the study further revealed that the respondents believed that they adequately acquired the training from their BU education that contributed to the development of these skills.