HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 17 no. 1 (2011)

The Experience of Conscientization in Sociology: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Reynaldo O. Cuizon | Emma N. Ramos



Using phenomenological inquiry method, the study reveals that the students of sociology, after going through field studies with certain micro societies, experienced conscientization: change of social orientation and intensification of personal and collective conviction. They articulated their feelings about sociological concepts like ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, and the paradoxes in the Philippines society. They internalized life and attitude values like education and respect. They acknowledged inner transformation and avowed individual advocacies geared towards poverty alleviation and human rights promotion, particularly concerning education for indigenous people, women emancipation, children s care and protection, and workers’ just compensation. They expressed optimism to help reshape unfavorable’ socio-cultural behaviors formed by miserable socio-economic and a ruthless socio-political system. They aspired for establishing students’ organization to undertake collaboration with government and non-government organizations and Church programs towards meaningful solidarity with the poor.