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Moral Life in Socrates’ Ethical Intellectualism

Sheldon Ives G Agaton



A moral life is indispensable to every human person. In the present day society where morality may vary from one understanding to another, there is a risk that its conception may be misconstrued by certain individuals. It is important in order for man to have a better understanding of what a moral life should be. A person who possesses a significant understanding of a moral theory like the Socratic ethics will have an underlying ethical foundation essential in facing situations that threaten his moral standards and beliefs. It is a fact that culture may play a role in the consideration of morality for a particular society, but this paper will focus on the individual person’s concept of morality as taught by Socrates. Ethical Intellectualism is a standard of morality that may be imbibed and applied by the human person. It is an ancient method that can still hold true until today. This paper is an interpretation Socrates’ Ethical Intellectualism regarding a moral person side by side with every individual person’s ideal state of moral life.