HomeUE Research Bulletinvol. 19 no. 1 (2017)

Disaster Preparedness of Selected Flood-Prone Communities in CAMANAVA: Experiences from Typhoon Ondoy and Habagat

Ma. Joycelyn A. Go-monilla | Peter R. Go-monilla | Ana Liza Dy | Maribel Miraflor



This study looked into the experiences of residents in floodprone communities in CAMANAVA. In particular, the study examined the factors associated with disaster preparedness. Interviews were conducted with selected residents of flood-prone areas in CAMANAVA. Thematic analysis was used to examine the data. The participants reported the experiences from Typhoon Ondoy and Habagat as traumatic and they expressed strong emotional responses that indicated their vulnerability. Based on written responses, three themes were generated on the factors associated with disaster preparedness: low income, bahala na mentality, and religiosity. While there is the notion of bahala na, it is balanced by religious faith, resilience, and optimism. Furthermore, there is a realization among the respondents of the need to prepare for the next disaster. Thus, the study highlights the importance of disaster preparedness. Moreover, the study suggests the important role of universities and colleges in this undertaking (e.g., community education, out-reach program). Suggestion for further research is also discussed.