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HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2013)

Campus Journalism Related Factors and Journalistic Merits of Student Publications in Selected Tertiary Schools in Davao City

Mona L. Laya | John Rey A. Aleria | Jan Vincent B. Laroya



Campus journalism plays an important role in the academe. It trains students to be responsible members of the society. Thus, they should be continually trained to produce a paper that is fair, balanced and investigative. Hence, this study is conceptualized to identify the level of journalistic merits of student publications and the level of campus journalism factors and their relationship. The editorial board members of the thirteen colleges and universities in Davao City were involved in the study. The questionnaire for campus journalism related factors is researcher made and has a Cronbach alpha of .80. The English proficiency test is adapted and also underwent a test re-test method resulting to a reliability coefficient value of .66. Furthermore, the questionnaire on journalistic merit was validated by professional writers. Results showed that the level of journalistic merits is moderate and journalism proficiency of writers is high. Journalism proficiency of writers significantly influence relevance of issue and volume of relevant article. Writer’s journalistic freedom influence the volume of relevant articles and extent of implementation of RA 7079 influence the recognition received by the student publication or its staff.