HomeUIC Research Journalvol. 19 no. 1 (2013)

Factors Determining the Knowledge and Awareness of Human Immunodeficiency Virus among Fourth Year High School Students in Davao City

Regina Joy Malonzo | Thelma O. Alderite | Maribeth Q. Galindo



The incidence of HIV/AIDS has been on the rise since the discovery of HIV as the cause of AIDS in 1984 (DOH).Without effective action, HIV is going to be larger and more difficult to handle. Indeed, school, community and home are essential elements of the world’s response to the disease. The study was undertaken to measure the students’ levels of knowledge and awareness and parents’ openness towards HIV/AIDS issues. It also tried to establish relationship between sex, type of school, parent’s openness and level of students’ knowledge and awareness. The descriptive-correlation method was utilized; data was gathered using a researcher-made questionnaire with validity evaluated and reliability tested. Majority was 16-17 years old, more than half were female; more than half registered an average level of knowledge on HIV/AIDS; many were aware that it can be transmitted; that there is danger in unprotected sex. They were slightly aware that a mother’s milk could transmit the virus Parents never discussed sex with respondents, but warned that drugs and alcohol could lead to unplanned and unprotected sex. Sex, type of school and parents’ openness did not relate with knowledge on HIV/AIDS issues, while on awareness, only the type of school did. Therefore, the role of the school cannot be underscored.