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Effectiveness of Custard Apple (Annonasquamosa) Seed Extract in Treating PediculosisCapitis

Jellemer M. Benitez | Chelsea V. Cimafranca | Louisse Phillina Paz V. Gimenez | Jezyl C. Cutamora

Discipline: Health



Pediculosiscapitis infestation, commonly known as head lice, a worldwide public health concern affecting individuals of all age groups, and prevalence in the general population can be as high as 40 percent. The main task attained in the study was the determination of the pediculicidal effects of Annonasquamosa seed extract of different concentrations. Methodology utilized a true experimental design done in 3 trials; 10 live head lice were observed under each concentration of 25%, 50%, 75% atis seeds extract for the experimentation and 75% permethrin concentration as controlled group. In vitro testing was used and the subjects were placed in prepared petri dishes for experimentation. Data results found out that there is p-value of 0.067 at α = 0.05 for mean time elapsed (secs) for 100% head lice mortality. Significant p-level of 0.002 for pediculicidal activity for the first 5 minutes has been noted. The researchers derived up with a conclusion that Custard Apple (Annonasquamosa) seed extract in 75%, 50% and 25% concentration is as effective as Commercial Pediculicide (Permethrin) in killing pediculosisCapitis. 50% concentration has comparable results to Permethrin and is the most effective due to its earlier onset of pediculicidal activity.