HomeInternational Journal of Education Research for Higher Learningvol. 24 no. 1 (2018)

Lived Experiences of the Indigenous People in Reaching Their Full Academic Potentials: Unveil Their Hopes, Fears and Dreams

Maribeth Q. Galindo | Francis Reginio | Engelica Liguid | Thresial Fheebe Sancon | Jeric Advincula



For countless of years, indigenous people (IP) were constantly marginalized due to their different ways of living, practices and beliefs. They were discriminated due to pre-existing stereotypes towards them as uneducated and uncivilized. For these reasons, the researchers had found it necessary to look into the IP recent situation particularly in attaining their education. This research aimed to provide an insightful narration about the experiences of IP students in the process of reaching their full academic potential, their hope, fears and dreams, and the factors that had affected these aspects. The researchers made use of KII and FGD as methods in gathering information; moreover, these methods were employed for triangulation. There were 10 participants currently enrolled at USEP Mintal and were scholars of PAMULAAN Center. They were purposively selected because they were from different year levels and represented different tribes namely Manobo, Aeta, B`laan, Mandaya, Manguangan and Dibabawon, Mangyan-Alangan, Arumanen Menuvu, Ubo Manobo, Kalandigan and Kankana-ey. Results of the study revealed that IP students were eager to pursue education for it was deemed as their hope for success. Though they experienced fear towards being discriminated, they used it as an inspiration to pursue their dreams for their self-growth and for the advancement of the welfare of their fellow IPs, and finally in fulfilling their dreams being the catalyst of change in their respective communities.