HomeInternational Journal of Education Research for Higher Learningvol. 24 no. 1 (2018)

Parental Perspectives, School Choices and Track Preferences of Pioneer Senior High School Students of Selected Public Secondary Schools in the First District of Ilocos Sur

Clark V Cortez



Senior high school has generated anguish among adolescents on the facet of understanding their parents’ standpoints, and of choosing a school and the fitting senior high school track to enroll. This study explored the parental perspectives, school choices, and track preferences of senior high school learners to elicit important information on how students, parents, and schools can facilitate more positive outcomes. The descriptive-correlation method was used in the study. The data required were primarily gathered by means of a questionnaire and were treated statistically using frequency count and percentage, mean and multiple linear regression analysis. Analysis of student responses revealed that they were conscious of parental influence on career decisions communicated via the channels of parental motivation, parent interactions, expectations, support and attitude. The respondents were attentive of the factors fundamental in deciding for a school such as educational environment, educational philosophy, campus and facilities, curricular and extra-curricular activities, and location and transportation. They were also mindful of employment and career opportunities, personality and career choice, parent’s occupational background, cognitive / mental ability and peer influence as aspects in the pursuit of settling on a senior high school track.