HomeInternational Journal of Education Research for Higher Learningvol. 24 no. 1 (2018)

Dengue Report: A Mobile Application for Reporting Dengue and Mapping Dengue Cases in Davao City

Ceasar Ian P. Benablo | Jess Anzilo I Garcia | Prince Albert M Geonzon | Jaspher Elmer L Intes | Jameson S Mandap | Jann Wency D Tico



In the Philippines where dengue incidents have been relatively high in the recent years, it is vital that preventive and rehabilitative measures initiated by the government are in place. Several researches and developments to analyze the prevalence of dengue were among the many actions that have been taken to address the issue. However, with the limited access to reliable and current data, results to the said endeavors often solved only a portion of the whole problem, leaving the larger population to remain at risks of being infected. With this, the researchers saw an opportunity to create a tool which monitors and reports the prevalence of dengue. The study aimed to create a web and an android application that would visualize in a map the prevalence of dengue cases in certain locality and that could report dengue cases. Guided by Iterative Process model, the researchers developed the application. A functionality testing was conducted to determine if the key features of the applications were functional. The test results revealed that the applications performed accordingly under various test cases and were perceived to be of great help in the continuing battle against growing dengue incidents.