HomeInternational Journal of Education Research for Higher Learningvol. 25 no. 1 (2019)

Lived Experiences Encountered by Physically Challenged Individuals in a Working Environment

Ma. Veronica B. Cruzada | Nichole Cosgafa | Clarissa Gicana | Alyssa Maturan | Almera Tayo



People nowadays equally have a chance to live a normal life. A life wherein one has an education, a capability to provide, a sense of independence. However, there are individuals who have to undergo adjustments and who also experienced different obstacles within the working environment. This was investigated through HRBA to Disability in Development along with the HRBA to Educations 4A structure. This qualitative-phenomenological study identified 13 physically challenged individuals as participants. Results revealed that in terms of work availability, they encountered the reality of job hunting and have expressed their experiences within the workplace. With regards to accessibility, they emphasized that law works to their advantage and that they rely on assistance. Meanwhile, in terms of acceptance, there were participants who underwent long process and encountered societal prejudices from their workplaces. As to adaptability, they made adjustments with regard to the changes in their lives and the negative perceptions they felt about themselves. This revealed that despite their experiences, they were able to cope with the obstacles that surround them and have already learned how to manage with their conditions.