HomeInternational Journal of Education Research for Higher Learningvol. 22 no. 1 (2016)

Understanding the Psyche of Modern Filipina as Depicted in “The Legal Wife”

Fe Monique Musni-tagaytay | Emma V. Sagarino | Martin Lee M Capuno | Janin R Langoy



Popular television series or soap operas show various portrayals of women and are reflective of the shifts in societal views on women’s roles and relationships. Two of the most popular stereotypes of women shown on television are that of the Wife and the Mistress. This study sought to examine the views of women from different walks of life on the popular television ABS CBN soap opera “The Legal Wife”. This case study looked at the views of the informants on issues of marriage and marital infidelity, as well as their perspectives on the wife and the mistress by using the soap opera as a reference point. The study participants shared that through watching “The Legal Wife” feelings of fear regarding their own life and identity as a woman surfaced. Most of them revealed that they are willing to endure or ignore marital infidelity if it meant protecting their children and keeping their husband. The women also shared that they feared the loss of financial stability and the absence of a father figure to their children, although they do not fear the loss of a partner. The women also shared that although they see a Mistress as a woman who is more sophisticated, more sensual than themselves, they see her as a woman to be pitied and not judged based solely on the fact that she has had a relationship with a married man.