HomeASEAN Journal of Engineering Researchvol. 5 no. 1 (2016)

Body Position Detection Using Accelerometer Integration Human Belt with GPS Localization Interconnected through GSM

Febus Reidj G Cruz | Jumelyn L Torres | Jesse Michael E Baltazar | Karel Paulo S Naungayan | Jocelyn Flores Villaverde | Noel B Linsangan



Global Positioning System (GPS) is a celestial navigation system comprising of a network of satellites that indicates the location of any GPS receiver on the planet. It is a number of applications mainly on navigation and some for security purposes. This paper designed a human belt tracking belt device that enables its users to send short message service (SMS) text containing the user’s current location to its chosen contact person. It is designed to be used for security purposes. The prototype will send messages if the predetermined values are reached by the accelerometer reading. The device implemented a program that automatically adjusts fall threshold depending on the user’s behavior. It used an ATMEGA 644 microcontroller, GPS and SMS.