HomeASEAN Journal of Engineering Researchvol. 5 no. 1 (2016)

Bati-Bot: Self–Navigating and Stabilizing Image-Capturing Robot

Joseph C Andrade | Kynji Kyle Niño A Pepito | Norman Charles O Campos | Iryne Vanessa D Somera | Eutequio III Zante L Palermo



Manual surveillance of checking each banana plant on the farm is a tedious work since it has to survey each plant for their status. Farmers tend to become carefree about it and tend to send insufficient data which at some occasions are misinforming. Errors in gathering information occur due to faulty human perception. In response to this situation, the proponents designed and implemented the Self Navigating Image Processing Mobile Robot. It is a robotic system that navigates through a specific banana field, captures images of each bananas while travelling, then sends those images to the client application for examining possible diseases. The user begins the deployment by starting the client application and clicks the “deploy” button. The robot then starts to navigate through the banana field by signs. It momentarily stops when it detects numbers, with each represents a specific banana, then starts to take pictures: one for the numbers, two for the banana leaves on different sides. The robot will turn left when it detects a left sign; right if it detects the other opposite. It will completely stop traveling and starts to send images to the client application when it detects the “home” sign. Each sent images of banana leaves will be then examined by the client application in respect to its number whether if that specific numbered banana is healthy or unhealthy. Summary report in the client application will showcase current and previous robot’s travels in each different timeframe, with each of the robot’s travels presents which of the numbered banana/s is/ are healthy or otherwise.