HomeWVSU Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2016)

Administrators’ Managerial Capability and Effectiveness in State Universities and Colleges in Western Visayas

Porferio J Barlas, Jr | Luis A Abioda

Discipline: Social Science



This research determined the administrators’ managerial capability and effectiveness in the State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in Western Visayas (WV). The study was conducted in 2015 among the 125 randomly selected SUCs administrators: deans, directors, vice presidents and presidents. The instruments utilized for the investigation were adapted from the 2010 MIMMPC Management Capability Index Survey Questionnaire for managerial capability and the Nova Central School District Effectiveness Questionnaire for managerial effectiveness which underwent pilot testing, reliability and factor analysis. Frequency count, mean and standard deviation were utilized as descriptive statistics. Results reveal that majority of the administrators in the SUCs in WV were extremely capable in terms of their managerial capability, in all nine aspects. They also appear to possess the ability to create a strong workplace culture, which facilitates employees to grow and engage in practicing leadership, collaborative decision-making, and nurturing creativity, and innovation as manifested in all the nine aspects of their managerial capability. A large majority of the administrators were highly effective in terms of their managerial effectiveness in all ten aspects. This shows that administrators possess the ability to attain their organizations’ goals by deliberately using resources in an efficient and effective manner.