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The Erotics of Talk: Female Narrator as Self in Lilia Pablo Amansec’s Selected Stories

Ferdinand Lopez

Discipline: Literature



If literature reveals much of the writer’s innermost thoughts and feelings, then it is possible that in despite any attempt to maintain objectivity in the composition by upholding aesthetic distance, an author inexorably reveals nuances of her/his personality which enable a reader to discursively constitute the writer as subject through his/her body of works. What I purport to do in this paper is to explain how the female narrators in the four extant stories of Lilia Pablo Amansec replicate the desire, of this much neglected authorial voice in Philippine Literature, to be heard, understood, and appreciated in a culture which has not been sympathetic to women and to locate a competent interlocutor who is willing to listen to women’s experiences and narratives, using Carla Kaplan’s astute formulation of the “Erotics of Talk” as theoretical framework in the discussion.