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After the Storm of Teenage Pregnancy: From the Diaries of Unexpected Mothers

Prettie E. Alcover | Areej P. Obra | Mark John C. Rondez | Gelsa G. Dragon

Discipline: Education



Teenage pregnancy is a worldwide social issue which deals with young mothers. This phenomenological quantitative study was purposely done to describe the lived experiences, coping mechanisms and the insight of the teenage mothers in their experiences. This study employed the purposive sampling technique which included the teenage mother’s ages twenty-five to forty years old from the different parts of Davao Del Sur, Philippines. A total of ten teenage mothers were the key informants for the in-depth interviews. Thematic analysis was employed to identify various themes in the study. For the experiences, the essential themes are: coping mechanisms, joys and pains of motherhood and lived experiences. Thus, making this study adds a literature of the body knowledge pertaining to coping mechanism especially of teenage mothers in the Philippines. Finally, this study is beneficial to those teenage mothers and teenagers. Through the data we have gathered, we clarified that being a young mother doesn’t always result to failure. But there are also success stories being recorded.