HomeARETEvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Unveiling the Plight of the UIC Athletes Reaching the National Meet: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Jonna Mae B. Cabasan | Ariezza Mae B. Talusig | Klarizza Monique O. Tapiz | Maribeth Q. Galindo

Discipline: Education



The undergraduate thesis aimed to unveil the plight of the athletes from one of the catholic universities in Davao City, which is run by nuns, who reached national level. This qualitative phenomenological study was conducted in the institution, who has already participated in different national meets. This study involved 10 athletes from the grade school, junior and senior high school, and the college. The data were gathered from the responses of the participants from the validated questionnaire and the sets of questions that were asked in addition via interview, which was then transcribed verbatimly. After which, themes were drawn and were interpreted in matrixes. The study revealed that the athletes experiencing challenges, issues, criticisms and different supports before and after the competitions. The athletes had been able to develop motor, mental, and social skills and to integrate the dominant value system of competitive sports with their own life-style. It has profound impact on individuals, the school as a whole, as well as the community. Based on the analysis of the results of our study, the different core ideas are present among the athletes of one of the Catholic Universities in Davao City, run by nuns.