HomeARETEvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Motivation and Challenges on Curricular Choice: Voices of Physical Education Enthusiasts

Rodgen D. Isonga | Archibald A. Comadizo | Thelma O. Alderite

Discipline: Education



There is a threat that imposes an increased risk in the health of Filipinos as a result to their poor dietary choices and a decreased interest in physical fitness. To eradicate such threat, this study aimed to describe and understand the personal stories of Physical Education enthusiasts on their curricular choice. Using the qualitative phenomenological design, respondents 3 to 8 were given an FGD type of inquiry while respondents 1 and 2 went through an IDI interview. A full transcript is provided with this paper. The interview had yielded six main points of discussions that explored the personal stories of the respondents. The answers and insights acquired from the FGD and IDI sessions explored such reasons for enrollment in the course and had made mentioned of the people and circumstances that influenced them to pursue the BPE course. In addition, the sessions unraveled the difficulties encountered while pursuing the subject matters pertaining to the concepts and theories taught in the course itself including the physical demands of the subjects in the specific course.