HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Technology Startup Ecosystem in Cebu City, Philippines

Sheryl B Satorre | Jonathan O. Etcuban | Melvin M. Niñal | Bell S. Campanilla | Jennifer G Amores | Gian Carlo S Cataraja

Discipline: Information Technology



Startups are at the core of everything people do. Every city was once a startup, as was every company, every institution, and every project. In a knowledge-based society, innovation is the driving force of the economy on all levels and in all types of organizations. This study evaluated the status of the technology startup ecosystem in Cebu City, Philippines. The findings were the basis to plot out a local technology startup ecosystem canvas. The study employed a descriptive survey method, utilizing a researcher-made questionnaire. The gathered data from the 14 founders, ten mentors, and the 7 University representatives were analyzed and interpreted using simple percentage, weighted mean, and rank. Results showed that founding team and startup capability are the most important element of the startup ecosystem. The local infrastructure is not conducive for startup due to the absence of local government support. It concludes that Cebu City startup ecosystem is less vibrant. The researchers strongly recommend that startup ecosystem development plan must be created by stakeholders from the government, non-government organizations, business sectors, and academe.