HomeInterdisciplinary Research Journalvol. 6 no. 1 (2017)

Organizational Behavior and Culture of Universidad de Zamboanga: Catalyst for Capacity Development and Change Management

Edwin R De los Reyes

Discipline: Business Management



The Universidad de Zamboanga as an organization has moved through a number of identifiable stages as it developed and expanded. In some cases, these changes were planned, while in others they were unexpected. Sometimes, the forces for change come from within the organization while at other times they are caused by external factors and influences. The study aimed to determine (a) the demographic profile of the respondents; (b) the organizational culture of Universidad de Zamboanga; (c) the organizational behavior of Universidad de Zamboanga; and (d) what recommendations/ suggestions may be given to catalyze the capacity development and change management of Universidad de Zamboanga. The descriptive method was used. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data analyses were utilized. Research findings show that respondents were young, mostly females, single and have been with the school for less than five years. Institutional and administrative skills were the most critical issues that have to be strengthened. Contemplated organizational behavior improvement thrives on the leadership style, organizational structure and on culture and relationship. For physical improvement of the school, a clamor for physical environment, assurance quality, capacity building and fellowship program, and instruments of accountability are highly recommended.