HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2017)

Web-Based Information and Monitoring System of Cagayan de Oro City Academy for International Education

Jun Brian P. Tubongbanua | Kwency Maye V Dahilan | Kayepril Georgette A Sagun | Jherex L Ruiz

Discipline: Information Technology



The study aimed at providing the Cagayan de Oro Academy for International Education with a web-based information and monitoring system capable of carrying out school transactions of the Cagayan de Oro Academy for International Education. An online information and monitoring system is complex and flexible and is designed to meet distinct needs. In developing the proposed system, the researchers used the Prototyping Life Cycle Model These applications improved the traditional transaction processing systems. Staff finds it tedious in searching and preparing reports on student’s information and also laborious due to repetition of processes done in filling and updating of records. The proposed system caters posting and viewing of grades, class schedules, students, guardians and staff profiling and other important data needed in the system. The Web-based Information and Monitoring System is an expansion of a basic information system achieved through system design of an improved or broader capability by functionally or technically relating two or more information systems. With this, the academy will be able to provide quality service to its students. This thesis study offers important implication for monitoring and information of the school and lessen the workload of school management and save time.