HomeFEU English and Literature Journalvol. 5 no. 1 (2011)


Augusto Antonio A. Aguila

Discipline: Literature



The mirror did not say much. Tony had to make do with what he saw. The receding hairline which he inherited from his father made him look ten years older. He was only forty-three. The only slightly noticeable feature on his face was his neatly trimmed-moustache which he started sporting since he was a college freshman. He thought that it gave his plain round face a little character. He was aware of the fact that he could only make little improvements in the looks department like getting a regular haircut twice a month and wearing neatly pressed shirts and trousers that come in safe colors -- navy blue, white, ochre, army green, mahogany, and grey, which at least made him look presentable when he went to work. He did not like loud colors and flashy clothes. The only luxury he afforded himself was imported perfume he bought twice a year. He was not the wasteful type. Tony was very particular about the way he smelled.