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HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 24 no. 1 (2018)

Antimycotic Activity of Nostoc linckia Species of Northern Philippines

Nero M. Paderes



The warm tropical climate of the Philippines and its interaction with cultural practices, age, occupation, genetic susceptibilities, and immune responsiveness contribute to the increased susceptibility of Filipinos to fungal infections. The severity of the disease has increased in recent years significantly due to heavy infections and the pathogenic fungi becoming resistant due to indiscriminate use of antibiotic drugs. The decreased efficiency and resistance of pathogen to antifungal drugs has necessitated the development of new alternatives. Aquatic organisms such as algae are a rich source of structurally novel and biologically active compounds. The province of Abra is home to a diverse group of algal species many of which are not yet fully documented and studied as to their potential commercial, industrial and medicinal value. This species of algae is locally known as Tabtaba and is scientifically classified as Nostoc linkia which is common in Northern Luzon. Four treatments were utilized which includes Nostoc linckia ethanolic extracts at 800 and 400 µg dose concentration, positive control (1gm/ ml teramycine)and negative control (distilled water). The modified Kirby Bauer Disc diffusion method was used to test for the antimycotic activity of the four treatments. Findings show that T1 and T3 exhibited a strong antimycotic activity with a mean zone of inhibition of 17.85 mm and 27.32 mm respectively, while T2 exhibited a moderate activity with a mean zone of inhibition of 13.18 mm while T4 being the negative control showed no zone of inhibition. ANOVA and Sheffe analysis confirm that Tinea versicolor is highly sensitive to the inhibitory effect of the different treatments. The researcher recommends another study to be conducted against other pathogenic fungal species to obtain more valid information on the antimycotic activity of Nostoc linckia.