HomeLayagvol. 3 no. 1 (1998)

Music as a Tool for Values Education

Vicente E. Abrenica

Discipline: Education, Art



This study explores the use of music as a medium in teaching Filipino values to students. The participants were 2nd year psychology students of a Theories of Personality class. Seven popular OPMs (original Pilipino music) were selected for the study. The songs were content analyzed to identify the Filipino values depicted. Slides on Philippine events and activities were introduced with the music/lyrics for the students to relate with something familiar and meaningful. Students were encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs in a non-judgmental sharing session. As a result, the students identified the following values from two songs; to wit: Katatagan sa harap ng matinding dagok, pagmamahal sa kalayaan at kapayapaan, privacy-maingat na paglalantad ng tunay na pagkatao, learning from past experiences at marami pang iba. The students recommended that the participants be allowed to choose the songs that will depict a particular desired value, value clarification and value indicators.