HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 23 no. 1 (2018)

Propagation Evaluation of Selected Open-Pollinated Varieties as Influenced by Reeling Water

Jimilee M Garcia

Discipline: Ecology



Water is one of the most important inputs for the growth and development of the plants since it is a solvent and a means to transport nutrients from the source to different parts of the plant. It serves as a solvent and means of transporting nutrients from the source to the different parts of the plants. In the sericulture, particularly in the propagation of the blackberry, the prominent effect of the exuberant growth of a leaflet and a reduced size of the leaf. The study seeks to: determine the effect of growing weight on the growth of germination, percentage of rooting, length of roots and weight, weight of shoots and rootshoot relationship by length and weight. The experimental zone has a pH of 6.5, EC (ms/cm) 0.22, OM of 2.0 and a P and K of 30 and 26 ppm respectively. N (0.13), P2O5 (1.10), K2O (0.23), pH (0.22) with trace elements of Zn (35), Cu (116) and Mn (1106) ppm. After 90 days of exhaustive research, longer roots, a higher percentage of rooting and percentage of sprouting.