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Cebuano Music Videos for Mother Tongue Based Multi-Lingual Education: An Instructional Material For Kindergarten, Grades I, II, and III

James Anthony E Acope | Jelou Mae L Asibal | Patrick Jan S Moñiza



The Philippine educational system is becoming gradually competitive for the institutions and its students. The Department of Education’s new trend K-12 implementation of Mother-Tongue-based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) wherein the kindergarten and grades one to three are required to have a subject that uses the child’s mother tongue as the language, is one good example that best describes today’s improving educational system. Students must acquire learnings as much as they can, and acquire it effectively. With this new implementation, the proponents searched for problems that might serve as a hindrance in successfully putting into effect the said implementation. And out of the many problems that make it impossible for the implementation to be actualized listed in Section 5 of the Republic Act No. 10157, the proponents focused on the problem that when resources, in utilizing the mother tongue, are not yet accessible. The purpose of this paper is to eliminate the listed problem and to utilize information technology in formulating a solution to the said problem. The proponents came up with the idea of an interactive learning tool, so the proponents searched for available Cebuano music videos that consist of nursery rhymes that serve as a learning tool for the mother tongue. A limited number of Cebuano music videos were found, that led the proponents to proceed in making music videos using Cebuano language. The music videos will compose of animations and old and new Cebuano nursery rhymes. After successfully making the music videos they become more competitive that leads them to intensify their standards. The proponents believe that these Cebuano music videos will become a very popular choice for an effective tool in learning Cebuano mother tongue.