HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Computing Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2018)

Electronic Form-138 and Form-137 Implementation for Basic Education

Jorhemavic April E Balinton | Miralyn D Buenafe | Rowena A Gultiano | Jerwin D Ocba



The proponents’ purpose of this system is to develop an Electronic form-138 and form-137 to be implementing for Basic Education that will generate form 138 into form 137 of the student. The adviser will be the one to register the students and capable of inputting the grades of the particular students using LRN. When the ranking was turned over to the Office of Registrar, the adviser is not allowed to edit the grades of the students who are under his/her advisory. Only the administrator has authority in editing/ updating the grades of the students that had been inputted incorrectly by the adviser. This system helps to reduce the workload and lessen the paper works of the Administrator as well as the Adviser. In the currently used software, the Administrator still inputs the grades manually. There’s a higher tendency of having errors and inconsistency of records. Based on the tests that the proponents’ have made that this Electronic form137 and form-138 is a very useful system that will generate the student’s form 137 and form 138 it is more accurate, consistent and quicker than the present system. To establish a system that helps to lessen the workload of the Administrator in inputting, editing or updating the grades of the learners. The system will be available online with the intention that student or the parents of the student can be able to view the grades of their children mostly for the OFW.