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Software-Based Management System for Cash Loan Transactions Jenny Mae C. Manayon

Jenny Mae C Manayon | Marlie Joie D Parnes | Marlon Juhn M Timogan | Daisa S Ocharon



The researchers became aware of the challenges and difficulties on the development stage. The standard loan transaction varies from that of the system developed by the proponents. It involves systematic examination as well as a comprehensive analysis of every data contained in each program flow. This project deals with correct calculation of every single datum entries which includes financial figure, the lookout of the researchers for this scope is more on dependency wherein it can produce reliable data production to its end-user and steadfast report generation. To work out on the required basic steps in the development of this study, the researcher ensured to take primary considerations such as end-user consultation, scheming and planning for database design, user’s demand, and the graphical user interface is outlining and gradual system inspection. All these points are necessary for bringing the system into more operational and serviceable. Thus, to complete the entire scheme, in-depth analysis, and the detailed conclusion is well obligatory.