HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journal (Computing Journal)vol. 1 no. 1 (2018)

Implementation of Advanced Encryption Standard Cryptographic Algorithm in a Test Bank System

Lampel B Berol | Ritchie A Reyna



Cryptography is a method that provides assurance and validity from users to secure information from infiltrators. This study aimed to develop a Test Banking System with the integration of Advanced Encryption Standard cryptographic algorithm available to enhance the system vulnerability against any unexpected attacks, reliability, and speed of execution. The algorithm will be integrated for the secure generation and retrieval of information on the Test Bank system. The primary purpose was to create a storage of test questions that are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy six level cognitive domain. The proposed system followed the agile developmental model which promote quick response to changing environments, changes in user requirements, accelerated project deadlines, and the like. The respondents answered the survey instrument to evaluate the acceptability level of the project 4.34 as mean or the average score, which is considered an average rating in the scale range. As a result, the system will provide a more secure and private way in terms of questionnaire transmittal (which means that the sender will be able to send and receive encrypted test question over the network).