HomeIAMURE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researchvol. 17 no. 1 (2018)

Embarking on E-Collaboration: A Case of Virtual Organizations in the Middle East

Maria Jade C Opulencia | Luis Rile | Rima Shishakly | Mohammed Naim Chaker

Discipline: Business Computing



New ways of organizing businesses were continuously expanding with Information Technology (IT) as a contributing factor, along with the increasing pace of globalization in the marketplace. People and organizations did e-collaborate from geographically dispersed areas in a considerably bigger degree. The innovation in technology made it very evident, and its response to the call of times was clearly indicative. The study examined on Virtual Organizations (n=10) in the Middle East so to determine the work procedures of the various organizations. Descriptive method was used utilizing qualitative techniques, snowball sampling in data gathering, and employed content analysis. The findings demonstrated that virtual organizations in the Middle East had a competitive advantage on innovations and the ability to design, produce, and support the products. Further, it gave limitless potential outcomes as far as business opportunities. The framework led an appealing change of organizational structure so to improve efficiency and productivity. The risks were moderately tolerable. Recommendation on reengineering the talents was addressed to work towards proficiency and viability in the delivery systems of the virtual organizations.